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Effective Rewards

Rewards (or reinforcers),when they follow behaviour, make that behaviour more likely to occur again (Skinner 1974). They formthe basis of human behaviour and motivation, and can be used effectively to encourage children to acquire skills and develop appropriate behaviour. Rewards encourage positive behaviour, therefore a typical day needs to include a series of rewards to help focus the children. Encourage children to suggest rewards they would like as selecting appropriate reinforcers is not a simple task. If a reinforcer is not reinforcing for the child then it is meaningless. Teachers must continually monitor the effectiveness of the rewards and regularly change them, again, with the input of the children. Establish rewards and consequences that are easy to do and as simple as possible. Effective rewards are those which are attractive, well-timed and conditional.
In summary:
  1. Always reward or give positive attention to the behaviours you want to increase and maintain.
  2. Immediately reinforce good behaviour with positive consequences
  3. Keep rewards simple, small and frequent to maintain attention and motivation.

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